Surprise! Europe Area Retreat

Learning from God's word
MTW Europe MKs gather to hear God’s word

I bet you didn’t know that Next hosted a retreat for MKs in Europe two weeks ago… that’s because our team has grown to the point where we were they didn’t need us to attend! As our team continues to grow, we’re developing the ability to localize our ministry focus, which for us means that we can focus primarily on strengthening our relationships with you, our supporters this year. Praise the Lord for his provision of workers and the growth of Next over the last few years! More workers means we’re able to make an even bigger impact among the 10-30 window going forward! Praise the Lord!

Next Missionaries and Volunteers
The Next team and volunteers including two from our Asia Pacific team

As you look through these pictures, would you thank God that we (you!) get to be part of a global movement of his Spirit among young people?! Please also pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working in these students in the weeks and months ahead. MKs are natural culture-crossers and could have a huge impact on our globalizing world as they carry the gospel with them wherever they go. That’s why we think ministry among Third Culture Kids is so important! Many MKs go onto become full-time missionaries themselves (including some of our Next staff pictured above). Let’s pray toward that end!

Rachel with small group
Rachel, our Asia Pacific teammate with her high school girls small group
Europe Area Retreat 2017, Crete
Game time!

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