Let’s get real…


During our debrief last month with MTW we shared what God has been doing the last 4 years in Japan. As we shared, it became apparent that God was more concerned with the work he needed to do IN us this term than what he had been doing THROUGH us.  The counselors responded with “Oh yeah, this is normal. God often spends the first term working inside the missionaries’ hearts in order to prepare them for what’s to come.”

Brooks had the privilege of preaching at our home church here in Roanoke, Christ the King, last week. He preached on Psalm 16. He used David as a model for how to run to God, rest in God’s sovereignty and rejoice in his salvation, even (and especially) during hardship.

In an attempt to “practice what he preaches” (literally!) he shared in depth about our personal struggles with miscarriage, infertility, surprise bonus pregnancies, and idolatry  as we prepared for and ministered in Japan. These are things we don’t often write in our blogs because it’s hard to be able to step back and get enough perspective to write coherently when we’re in the midst of it. They’re also messy truths that need context and people sometimes feel uncomfortable reading about them. But we want to share them with you, because the truth is that we NEED community – we NEED you guys to remind us of the gospel and point us back to Jesus.  If you have time, you can listen to his sermon here. We want to RUN TO JESUS with you!



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