Let’s get real…

During our debrief last month with MTW we shared what God has been doing the last 4 years in Japan. As we shared, it became apparent that God was more concerned with the work he needed to do IN us this term than what he had been doing THROUGH us.  The counselors responded with "Oh … Continue reading Let’s get real…


Musings on Camp Braveheart 2017

It's hard to explain what it was like to be part of Camp Braveheart this year, a camp that Riva's mom started for kids who have lost loved ones. Often overlooked in the wake of a family member's death, 64 campers showed up to grieve their loved ones (some for the first time) and share … Continue reading Musings on Camp Braveheart 2017

Pray the 3 P’s – Global Day of Prayer for Children

April 14th was the Global Day of Prayer for children. We're a little late, but please join us in praying anyway! Here are some stats about Japanese young people and the church to help you know how to pray: Please pray also for these kids at All Nations Fellowship (Nagakute campus family worship pictured below). We … Continue reading Pray the 3 P’s – Global Day of Prayer for Children