Retreat week: please pray!

The first week of October (THIS WEEK!) there are two big events happening at the same time that we would love for you to pray for: The GYFM team retreat and the "East Asia" team retreat. On the plane to Malta with Rivas parents (who came to watch the girls) and the Radkes (our newest [...]

New Teammates! Meet the Radkes!

"Try to work with people who are better at their job than you are." That's what I've always heard. We were blessed to meet Rachel and have her join our team, but I didn't think there was any way to do it again. "We live in Japan," I told myself. "We'll just have to take what we [...]

the inexhaustible fountain

We met "K" a few months ago, having returned to the Nagoya area from Tokyo where he had just flunked out of college. He was dejected, embarrassed, and had no friends here. He came to the cafe looking for friends and an opportunity to practice English, and God connected us. Over the past few months, [...]

Another Baptism!

"I'm just so thankful that God would allow me to be part of his family," Sachiyo said as she prepared to receive baptism. If it were any other person, I may have let those words just fall away, but Sachiyo grew up in the foster care system - fatherless, family-less, loveless... ... Until now! Just one [...]

Convicted, Encouraged, Reminded

Last week I (Brooks) attended a retreat for young people who are part of the Presbyterian Church of Japan. My grandfather was part of this denomination many years ago and trained many of the pastors in Seminary, so I feel a special fondness toward them. They are passionately committed to the Word of God. Yet, like my [...]