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As you follow our blog, we’ll give you specific things to pray for from time to time.  You can also click here to download our prayer card.  It’s just a card with a picture on it, but it’s meant serve as a friendly reminder to pray for us whenever you see it.  We also want to pray for YOU, but unless you have a blog like this, we may not know what you need prayer for.  So, please holla at us from time to time with specific prayer requests.


To donate click here and follow the steps.

Or, you can always go old school and mail in a check to MTW at the address below:          

Mission to the World
P.O. Box 744165
Atlanta, GA 30374-4165
(Please include Acct#: 11347 in the memo line).

2 thoughts on “Partner With Us

  1. Hi Brooks,
    You will not remember me, but I know your Mom & Dad and, as it turns out, most of the Nagoya team having visited there for ten days a couple of years back. Betsy and I are now in Winchester VA, at the other end of the valley from you. We look forward to seeing you sometime at our church (Eagle Heights Presbyterian.)
    – Clent

    1. Clent! Thanks so much for your note! my (Riva) dad remembers you from Presbytery because you were both at Clemson at the same time. That is so exciting that you were able to go to Nagoya! We would love to hear about your trip there. Please let us know when we can come visit. We would definitely love to make a trip up to Winchester to meet with you and your church. Thanks for contacting us!! -Brooks and Riva

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